Friday, June 29, 2012

Mini Update

It's been another weird week, at work, at home, and with the weather. I've been meaning to write about all sorts of things and just haven't been able to sit down and think well enough to do it. So mostly I've been working out instead. I know in theory this should be a recovery week after my big race, and I have cut back on the intensity of my workouts, but I'll be on vacation next week with little time to run (and no chance to swim or go to a gym), so I've been loathe to give up any opportunities this week. Especially since our gym now has an ergometer (rowing machine) - sweet! I love rowing machines and have missed being able to use one. And then to be able to hop from a row right to the treadmill - love it!

I've been making some changes to my eating and doing a lot of reading to support those changes, so that's been something new for me as well. I don't feel like going into any of this right now, especially since I don't want to proselytize for anything, but it has certainly kept my brain busy.

Next week we're off to The Dude's hometown, where we will play in his mom's back yard, go to King's Island, and get on some trails! I'm really looking forward to it. Maybe I'll even get some writing done.

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