Friday, June 8, 2012

But What Do I Really Really Want (To Do For Work)?

I've done some more thinking on the career front since my last post. The old adage, "be careful what you wish for" is certainly true... since writing that I wanted to work with women or children in a sports-related capacity the opportunity has arisen to apply for a job in exactly that field (and even for an organization that I've wanted to work for). I was very excited at first...

But on reflection I realized that particular job wouldn't be right for me. Not now (with two small children), and perhaps not ever (the type of work). Which made me realize that while I'm clear about what field I want to be in I'm not yet clear about what kind of work I want to be doing in it.

I have some time to consider this. The Dude is also considering career changes and while my job is not quite, well, right, it's certainly tolerable and offers a number of benefits to our family beyond my paycheck and insurance. At the same time, if the universe is gracious enough to answer, then it behooves me to get clear about the question.

Any other musing on this just makes me depressed so that's enough for now! Next up, why I'm not running the marathon this year (even though I want to).*

*Another depressing topic! Better to just tell you how thrilling it was to hear Scott Jurek speak yesterday, and that I got to high-five him during the fun run before the presentation. Swoon!

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