Thursday, October 6, 2011

More Mistakes

So, here is a photo of the top layer of my quilt, laid on top of the backing so that I could trim the backing to the same size and thereby have a better chance of matching certain squares up.

The squares that look white are actually very faded denim.
You might notice that for the most part my points match... except where they very definitely do not, where the lower three rows meet the middle three rows. I had noticed this when piercing the top together but thought I could live with it. But the longer I look at it, the less I can live with it, especially since it won't take that much to correct it (I estimate redoing only four seams).

Except I went ahead and re-basted last night and correcting it would mean redoing the basting yet again...

I might mention here that I am 7 1/2 months pregnant and have been doing my basting on the floor since I don't have a work table big enough to accomodate even this little quilt. A bit on the uncomfortable side.

Bah. Guess I'll be unpinning again tonight. At least my new frame hasn't yet arrived, that would make it very hard for me to resist just plunging in with the quilting again.

Lesson learned? Aside from the obvious, of better checking how my panels line up against each other when piecing together, and being willing to correct mistakes when they happen, the other thing I've learned is to measure and cut my own squares, even if I get my hands on a bunch of precut squares that seemingly all measure the same. They won't.

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  1. Even while you're talking about mistakes, I see a beautiful overall design!! Simple, sturdy and not at all dull or something like that! I love the top!