Friday, October 7, 2011

Making Progress & A Cool Website

I got home a little early last night and immediately undid the basting and seams I needed to, and then this morning a friend of mine canceled our breakfast plans, so after I dropped Buddy off I had time to put the quilt top back together. Still a little wonky but better than it was (and as good as it's going to get). And my frame is at the post office waiting to be re-delivered, so hopefully this weekend I'll be able to 1. re-baste the sucker and 2. assemble the frame and 3. get started on my quilting.

Not like I don't have enough other things to be doing in these next weeks.

If you don't already know about it, I recommend checking out the International Quilt Study Center and Museum's website, and in particular, their "Quilt of the Month" online display. Always very interesting. And the center is located in Lincoln, Nebraska, only five hundred miles from Chicago --- I'm hoping someday to go out there for a visit. Road trip, anyone?

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