Wednesday, October 5, 2011

And Out It Goes

Monday I basted my quilt for Champ, put it on a frame, and started quilting.

Yesterday I undid it all.


I had pieced the back as well as the front, and while I thought it didn't matter if certain edges didn't line up, once I got started with the quilting I realized it did. At least to me. Thankfully it's a small blanket and I hadn't gotten very far with the quilting. (I also realized that the frame I had was NOT going to work for me and have since ordered a new one - hopefully it will arrive soon.)

I will give it another go tonight, using the basting tips from this blog.

And I wish I had thought to take photos on Monday, but I didn't, so now I have to wait until the weekend for the good afternoon light.

At least in the process of starting to hand quilt it I found (as I'd hoped) that I really enjoy hand quilting. A good thing, since this one at least needs to be hand quilted (old corduroy and denim), and also because I just like the looks of hand quilting better.

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