Friday, September 30, 2011

What I've Been Up To (Not Sewing)

Getting ready for Buddy's 3rd birthday, which of course necessitated rearranging the whole apartment, multiple trips to Target and Ikea, assembling new Ikea furniture, cleaning (as we moved furniture around and uncovered dust monsters), framing posters/photos that had previously just been tacked up, packing up books to move bookshelves and then unpacking them, rearranging books on the bookshelves as I decided how they really should go, and, oh yes, making a cake and having people over.

And then in the weeks since then continuing with all of the activities above since we only managed to get the essential bits done before his party. But it's all coming along. Our bedroom will be last and will probably take into next year --- now that some of the junky storage solutions have been replaced some of the previously "nice" ones are looking mighty shabby, but since very soon my pay will be temporarily reduced and our daycare fees will more than double we're not spending any more money right now on home furnishings.

Still some bookshelves in the front rooms to rearrange and a couple of closets to empty out and sort through. More framing and hanging. At least one more trip to Target to get storage bins, now that we have a "mud shelf" in our entryway.

What else?

Reading about / looking at art since I haven't been making it:

Poor Buddy is undergoing many transitions right now --- into a new room at daycare, into a big boy bed, into potty training. He is trying very hard but it is a lot, so that is demanding some extra care and attention and energy. But it is also amazing to watch him become a "big boy".

Lots of thinking/journaling about work since there are some big changes coming up in my responsibilities. But since these are due to changes in my boss's responsibilities (and not any inherent change in my position), and because I have a somewhat nebulous position that leaves me managing myself for big chunks of my work, it is mostly being left to me to figure out how to make it happen. I have been trying not to gripe but I am unimpressed and collecting observations for my (eventual) exit interview.

To be fair, I should say that I think these changes will be good for me in the long run, I'm just unimpressed with the support I am (not) getting in making them. But since what I'm seeing is typical of where I work (hence the noting of observations for an eventual exit interview) I can't say I'm really surprised. Just unimpressed, and a little sad. My eventual departure is now more certain.

Moving around in a physical sense is now getting harder and slower, though Champ is moving more and more. It's a very odd feeling, when reading to Buddy, to have a squirming child against my belly while also a squirming baby inside it. Champ responds especially strongly to Bud's voice so the movement is quite intense at those times...

My fingers are itchy with wanting to get to sewing projects --- I am taking a day off on Monday and plan to baste Champ's quilt finally so I can get started quilting it, among other personal projects.

And glory of glories, Scary Movie Month is finally here! I am so excited. First up, brownies, "The Frighteners", and "Rear Window". We're even putting Sunday Night football on hold for the month to try to get as many movies in as possible. Last year's SMM felt like kind of a bust for me and I missed it, so this year we have been really preparing for it.

And that's plenty!


  1. So if you are mentally planning your exit interview, does this mean we won't be breakfasting together anytime in the forseeable future, since I'm not going to see you, I mean, attending that big conference this year?

  2. Well, I'm not planning on leaving Chicago any time soon, and even my eventual exit from my current workplace won't be for at least two years, so I think if you're here for that conference we should still be able to get together! I might not have as much flexibility about my schedule, though (part of the changes).