Thursday, September 8, 2011

Busy Fingers

I've started quilting again, after a several-month hiatus. A completely different project than the one I was working on before, I acquired a number of pre-cut squares (random stuff shows up all the time at work, one of the benefits of working at a church), and in sorting through them I felt a strong urge to make a baby quilt for Champ. Especially since Buddy ended up getting four different handmade blankets but I don't expect the same largesse for baby #2. I've "commissioned" two already just so he won't be left blanketless (from my mother and a woman at work who is very attached to my child(ren)) but both of those will be knit, and I felt that he needs a quilt as well. Because of course Buddy won't be giving up any of his precious blankets! Buddy has been eyeing this one as well and keeps talking about it being his "house" so I think my next one has already been claimed... I did want to make one for me but it may just have to wait a little longer.

No photos just yet but I do have the top and bottom already pieced and hope to get it basted over the weekend. I'm doing the piecing by machine but will quilt by hand. Just in time for both football season and Scary Movie Month.

As I've been working I've had lots of thoughts about why I stopped before and what I am drawn to when looking at quilts and what is important to me when considering making my own... have been taking notes so sometime soon I imagine I'll have my own quilting "manifesto". Because I was, after all, an art student and have lots of thoughts about art and handcraft and the like...

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  1. Reading along, makes me looking forward for your "manifesto" and the pictures!