Monday, June 27, 2011

Notes on a Satisfying Week

I got to run or swim every day this past week - yes! I have started doing some of my running at the gym, mostly to avoid heat and humidity, but it's also easier on my legs, so I may switch to more of that as time goes on. I have found with pregnancy that everything hurts just a bit more. But my plan of more short/medium runs seems to be working well for me, I've been able to keep my weekly mileage more consistent.

We did the Hunger Walk for the Greater Chicago Food Depository (raising funds for Ravenswood Community Services) on Saturday, all of us as a family, which was great fun (for me at least, The Dude said I could let him sleep in next year). This is the first year we've done this and I'd like to make a regular practice of it, along with running (or volunteering for) the Ravenswood Run each year, which is the other main fundraiser for RCS. We're looking forward to being able to volunteer at the RCS pantry and dinners as a family, but will need to wait a few years until Sweet Pea is old enough.

D & M came over on Saturday evening to play board games --- Buddy is in love with D, which is so fun to watch --- and I made strawberry upside-down cake. Didn't think to take a photo though. I used a recipe from Joy the Baker that I got from a fellow mother at Buddy's daycare, then tweaked it a little to our taste buds (less sweet, more whole grain). Totally yummy, so much so that not only is it going in the permanent file but The Dude has requested it as his birthday cake next week. Guess I'll have more opportunities to photograph it.

We have less than a week now before we head to Ohio and there's so much to do! I'm so excited though, I look forward to this trip every year.

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