Saturday, June 11, 2011

Notes on Another Week

This has been a kind of frustrating week. It started off with the drain on our tub no longer, well, draining, to the point where we couldn't even leave it dripping for our cat (the only way he'll drink, which is a whole other ongoing frustration). Lots of bailing out the tub, and an upset cat. (Who shows his upset by waking people (me) up and by puking, this week on my desk. Twice.) The Dude showered at the gym, I "showered" in our kitchen sink, and Buddy, thank goodness, had water days at school, so we didn't have to bathe him.

During this same time we also had our string of absurdly hot days. Enough said.

Lots of little annoyances and needy people at work, my ankle hurts, I had my four-month checkup and have gained more weight than I thought possible, and I didn't get as much done on my day off as I hoped to (I never do).

On the upside, however...

I am sleeping better if still not enough.

I am swimming better (I was struggling with the change in center of gravity and the sudden slo-o-wness of everything, more so than with running) --- I have adjusted, gotten into a rhythm, and have been able to start adding distance again.

With the morning sickness basically over (hallelujah!), I can focus more on eating better (and less).

I have started chipping away at my personal to-do list, now that I've given up on trying to get anything done in the evening or weekends and am going ahead and taking occasional days off of work just for that purpose.

The baby and I are healthy, and, at the moment, Buddy is at least interested in the idea of a baby --- he seems to think it will be a sister.

And, as if The Dude needed any more proof of being The Best Husband Ever, on the third day of our heat wave, when the apartment had just filled up with hot heavy air and all the fans couldn't help, the same day I had scheduled to stay home and sort through the closet in Buddy's room, I came home from the pool (delaying my return since it was actually nicer outside than I knew it would be inside the apartment) to find that he had INSTALLED THE AIR CONDITIONER IN BUDDY'S ROOM. Wow.

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