Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Workshop in Progress - Feb. 9

I put together my blocks over the weekend, and out of 32 total, "only" had to redo six (groan).
Clever me, pinning strips on backwards.
After ironing and laying them out I feel like I really have three color sets to work with, not one.

These are the fabrics I'll use for the current quilt.
I feel that I'm learning a lot through this, both in the making and in reading about other people's process. About what kind of quilter I may turn out to be, about how I like to work and what I want to do. Mostly now I see that, for all my planning (and I love to plan), I like to see where the fabric takes me as I work with it, I like being open to changes. Much as in my life --- I plan a lot, and then I try to go with the flow.

I also see that I prefer to work with fewer fabrics at a time rather than more... That's okay, I have some children coming up on "big" birthdays that I'd like to make quilts for --- everything will get used! And I have enough fabric to make more blocks in the color scheme I want for myself. I think no sashing though... I started to play around with how the blocks in the third set might talk to each other and I like them close --- it's not a very big quilt, after all.

But now I really do need to focus on The Dude's project for a while, I'll have pictures of that next week.


  1. I like the term 'controlled scrap' quilts. A little order seems to make the designing options easier. I agree, I have learned so much about myself as I narrow down what I like and how I want it done. You are off to a great start. I'm liking your three groupings.

  2. I like how the three groups work together. Controlled scrappy can be very effective!

  3. Makes me want to do some nine patches again! Always nice and endless possibilities! The purple that might have been to heavy - in your older posts, works ok now for me. Are you decided completely on the groups of colors?
    You could chose by the season-colors when the quilt starts to get used...