Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Workshop In Progress - Feb. 2

No photos today. Spent a couple of hours on Monday arguing with the sewing machine until I had stitched together all my strips for my nine-blocks. Now I'm ironing the seams flat (boring) and hopefully over the weekend can put them together so I have my blocks ready to play with again. I'm learning that the design and anything I do by hand are my favorite bits of any sewing project, though that doesn't extend to piecing.

Soon I'm going to have to put this project to the side --- I've promised The Dude an amp cover and need to have it ready for an early March gig. I've got the design set for that, now I need to cut the fabric. Maybe I'll start work on that this weekend as well.

In the meantime, we're all at home, tucked in from the blizzard. I'm about to start soup, and hopefully the gym down the street will be open during Buddy's naptime. I could use some quiet sweat time alone.


  1. Holy cow, you guys are getting pummeled!! Talked to my niece this morning, who lives in Villa Park. Yikes!

    Did you make it to the gym? Was it even open??

  2. The idea of such a blizzard sounds nice. I hope everything is fine in reality as well! Meanwhile I started a photo group with some quilts I find inspiring and I was reminded of by your posts....

  3. Yes, the gym canceled classes and had shorter hours but since I was home during the day I could still go! Soooo grateful.