Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Plus, Of Course, That Kid

Some pictures from this weekend...
Spinach potato (plus leftover veg) soup
Isn't it just the most astounding green? But oh so tasty. The Dude refused to try it but Buddy was quite happy to. That's all right, I'm happy to eat it all by myself.

Notice the haphazard arrangement of the magnets he can reach.
That's a toy car he has balanced on the edge of the cabinet door. A moment earlier I came in to find him playing with his cars on the counter (using his beloved footstool to get up there). He'd gotten down by the time I got the camera, though. He was quite pleased with himself this weekend for figuring out that he could bring the footstool from his bedroom to use in the kitchen when we weren't willing to get out the stepladder he prefers to use. His love of the kitchen just confirms for me that it is the heart of the home... maybe someday we'll have one with a table in it as well.

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