Tuesday, January 25, 2011

More Baking

Well I have just become quite the homemaker this winter, baking bread this weekend and then attacking my  mending pile yesterday (and hopefully finishing up tonight).

First time baking yeast bread in years, I can't even remember when I last did, I think before moving to Chicago over ten years ago. But all this past year I've had an odd desire to bake bread, and have just been held up by the quantities involved in the recipes I looked at. (Aside from not needing three loaves at a single time, I just don't feel like wrestling 10+ cups of flour. Ever.)

I hadn't even planned to bake anything this weekend, but The Dude was making soup with the leftover turkey from Thanksgiving and thought how nice a good bread would be to have with it --- and all of a sudden I was volunteering.

I went ahead with a simple recipe for rye bread I had and had forgotten about (one loaf) so that I wouldn't get frozen trying to decide between recipes and approaches, and it turned out pretty well, if a little on the doughy side. From the reading I've done since then it looks like baking it at a lower temperature for longer will help with that, as will making sure the dough isn't sticky from the get-go. But the taste is good, as is the crust. And I've been enjoying bringing in ham sandwiches for lunch made on my very own rye bread.

I even liberated a bread-sized basket from other uses so I think bread-baking may have to become a regular part of my repertoire --- now I want to find the recipe for the oatmeal bread I used to make nearly every week.

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