Thursday, January 6, 2011

How I’m Doing My Resolutions

Just a side note here to explain how it is I actually plan to carry out these resolutions, since what I’ve written so far is almost comically vague. I’m using some guidelines from the website The Simple Dollar, which I’ve elaborated on here.

  1. State your resolution in concrete terms, with ways to measure it. Ie., if your goal is to be “a better mother,” what exactly do you mean? These measures need to be meaningful to you.
  2. Identify precise day-by-day steps to accomplish your goal.
  3. Create a specific daily plan for the first month, and a way to review your progress.
  4. Keep a diary of that progress.
  5. What additional time is needed to achieve this goal? Where will this time come from? What will you give up to get that time? I find this a great reality check.
  6. Write everything down.
  7. Identify how you’re feeling at the start of this goal and then again at set intervals.

Obviously I’m not including all this detail on the website. Talk about mind-numbing! But I have done all this preparatory work for each of my goals and have a way of keeping track and reviewing my progress during the year.

And the most important thing to remember with goal-setting, in my opinion? “The perfect is the enemy of the good.” Way too often I’ve stopped short on a goal because I “failed” some smaller step along the way and used that as a reason to stop altogether. But now? “Progress, not perfection.” (I did train as a therapist, after all.)

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