Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Following Up (With Visual Aids)

A photo from my kitchen, to illustrate some recent themes...

First, corn muffins, meant for chili that night. In the silicone liners, after all. Because they're not as difficult to clean as I like to complain, I already own them so don't have to spend any money, and because, really, could a girl who still uses cloth napkins from childhood buy something as wasteful as muffin liners for something to be eaten at home?

There's only ten in the photo because two had already been consumed for my lunch. With honey and butter. Mmm.

Then, just behind and to the right --- a pitcher. Currently used to empty the dishwasher when it won't drain completely (a cold weather problem). At least now we have determined that it actually works better when used more, rather than less, frequently, though that has led to some pretty sparse loads.

And finally, in the corner, a toaster waiting to be cleaned, after a certain imp placed the vitamin bottles on top of it (and his in it) and then turned it on. Fortunately, while the plastic bottles softened they did not melt --- unfortunately, this was enough to undo the top of his, creating an unholy mess of fish oil and several months' worth of uncleaned breadcrumbs. Note to self: clean the crumb tray more often.

And then a mug of hot chocolate, because after several hours of wrangling said imp, he finally went down for a nap, and I could sit down and watch the playoffs.

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