Friday, October 22, 2010

Whoa, Annie!

So I guess I'm serious about this art stuff...

I've been making cards to sell and working up sketches for paintings...

I need to find myself a new table easel (had a beautiful one but sold it a post-breakup purge some years back, WTF?!).

I now have an Etsy account but no store there yet...

Need to rearrange my work space this weekend so it's easier to paint there (while still keeping things safe from the Budster).

I'm remembering some of why I have let myself not make art in the past... once I get started and the ideas start flowing it's a little overwhelming, almost scary at times. I could, truly, spend all day working on projects, and then all night, and then again all day... and I've done that, when I was single and had no social life. But now I'm married and have a small child and my life looks very different, it's very structured.

But I'm also very different now, and a lot less fearful about losing ideas or momentum if I put work down for a while, and a lot better about finding ways to make myself "pick up the pace" when I have the opportunity and "reining it back in" when I need to. So I will find a way to make my life work around this renewed need.

Oh, and I had an awesome run this morning! Seven miles by the lake, didn't have a watch but definitely faster than I've done it in the past, judging by when I got home. Feeling like I'll be good and ready for the Hot Chocolate in two weeks time if I can keep from pushing myself too much. (Plus got some ideas for paintings...)

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