Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Oh, And Another One

Last July I wrote about committing to lose 25 lbs. I'm happy to say that sometime this summer I achieved that goal. In the course of doing so, however, I've realized that I could safely lose still more weight --- in fact, probably close to another 25 lbs.

Why? Well, for health reasons, in part. I'm still overweight by health charts and with the history of heart issues in my family I'm certainly motivated to do all I can to reduce my likelihood of heart problems. But mostly? I want to race better. A lighter body means faster times, and a lighter body also means fewer problems with overheating, something I am always struggling with in hot weather (though it has gotten a lot better for me as I have lost weight). I really don't see Chicago getting any cooler as time goes on.

I have lost a lot of weight over the years (down 85 lbs. from my heaviest, after college), and I'm pleased with that. But I also feel ready to get to the next level. I'm more committed to staying healthy and strong than I am to a particular number, so I don't intend to do anything that feels unsafe or unsustainable, and I'm open to changing my goals if that feels necessary. I also expect that this next level of weight loss will take more time, and I don't intend to post about my progress or lack thereof. But I do believe in the power of stating one's goals publicly, so that is why I have written today.

Wish me luck!

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  1. You know your body and if its something realistic and maintainable then definitely go for it! You can do it. :)