Monday, October 25, 2010

Notes from a Fruitful Week

Monday: Swam 24 laps, yoga.

Tuesday: Ran three miles, of sorts. Buddy had been sent home from daycare the day before (he had bad hives) with the instruction not to return until we had a doctor's note. The Dude valiantly managed to pick up B and get him to the doctor in time, but then I forgot to bring the note with me. No admission. So my three miles were broken up by running home with Buddy to get the note, then running back, then running the remaining 1 1/2 miles around the nearby park and home. Anger made the first half go quickly --- leftover adrenaline made the second half go even faster. So in the end a satisfying run, though not my usual way of doing speedwork! Finished up with calming yoga.

Wednesday: Rest day (yoga/strength). After months of trying to fit six workouts into my week, not counting my yoga and strength training, and almost always failing to do so, I have decided that for proper balance in my life I am only scheduling 5 workouts a week. Thereby leaving myself one morning each week for visiting with friends, or heading into work early, or getting some extra time for art-making. So far so good!

Thursday: And then after that resolution I woke up tired and wanting to finish up some writing/sketching I didn't get to the night before, so took another rest day as well.

Friday: Ran seven miles along the lake, lovely and fast. Plus yoga.

Saturday: Meant to do my long run since Sunday's schedule wasn't going to permit it, but I woke up tired and grumpy, and was sent to bed after lunch to try to get some niceness back. That sort of worked... I was nicer the rest of the day... but then I had a hard time sleeping that night, so my aversion to naps remains confirmed. But I would not have been able to do a long run anyway.

Sunday: Woke up shaky, so no run even if there'd been time. But a long nap on Buddy's part, accompanied by The Dude taking his long run, left me with quiet alone time that was apparently what I had been needing all along.

So, this was a "fruitful" week, even though punctuated by more rest days than I would have cared for, because amongst all that agitation I came to some important decisions (and more importantly, started acting on them), and determined that my legs are up to seriously running the Hot Chocolate 15K in two weeks time. If I take my sleep seriously as well. Which will be a challenge since it's still Scary Movie Month (I so owe a post or two on this), but I am nothing if not one determined mama.

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  1. Moments before I read this post, a friend invited me out to go see Paranormal Activity 2. YEAH FREAKIN' RIGHT. (I also avoid the television during the entire month of October. I'm so scary-movie skittish; it's pathetic!)

    Rest is a good thing. Besides, you're still in the window of "just ran a marathon." 15K might be my favorite racing distance -- so jealous!