Thursday, September 2, 2010

What I Did With My Day Off

And what do I do when I have a day to myself?
  • Slept in (a little).
  • Made breakfast and took care of Buddy.
  • Had extended walk time with Buddy on his way to daycare before transferring him to the stroller.
  • Ran 8.5 miles, 5@9:25 pace.
  • Did 30 minutes stretching yoga.
  • Had my second breakfast, and read.
  • Puttered about the house and baked cookies, washed dishes.
  • Worked on my blog (101 goals page, at the top of the screen below my heading --- check it out!).
  • Went swimming (26 laps).
  • Dropped off books at the library, and picked up lunch at a nearby Thai place.
  • Ate lunch and read.
  • Worked some more on my blog.
  • Did 30 minutes restorative yoga.
  • Started getting dinner ready for The Dude and Buddy.
Very nice! I feel much more myself again.

1 comment:

  1. OK, that's about as much physical activity I have had since my son was born. Maybe more. And that son is now 17 months old.