Saturday, August 7, 2010

Notes on a Week

Sunday: Ran 16 miles. (yoga)

Hot, humid. Not enough to drink along the way --- I ended up stopping with a mile left to go and buying a Gatorade at a gas station. Still figuring out nutrition/fluids for long runs.

Monday: Swam 0.75 miles. In the fast lane, but I was not fast today. But it was good to swim.

Tuesday: Ran 4 miles, easy. This was nice.

Wednesday: Rest day, and a chance to go in early to work. (yoga)

Thursday: Meant to run 6 miles, 3 at 9:30. Instead came into work early, and stayed late. Grrr.

Friday: This would have been my second swim day, but I decided to make up my run from Thursday instead. Too tired (three days of not enough sleep) to attempt the tempo run on the track, so I meant to just do an easy 5. Except once I got started I got going fast, so decided to make it a tempo run anyway, 3 miles fast (by feel), with a mile-long warmup and cooldown. Then yoga. Awesome run --- it's getting easier to find ways to push myself to go faster for longer.

Saturday: Usually a rest day, today a work day. Very stressful. I think I will end up collapsing once I get home. I'm praying for a good night's sleep tonight. I have 12 miles planned for tomorrow, but the forecast is for heat. I've been really looking forward to tomorrow's run, but I need some more rest if it's going to be hot as well.

A word about my yoga: I try to practice at least a little bit twice a day, when I get up and then again right before bed. This is my prayer/meditation time and a way to move into the next part of the day. Then in addition I try to practice for a longer period of time (30 minutes) 3-4 times a week. I use these sessions to work out anything that feels tight, to do some strength/balance building, for general alignment (physical and mental), and/or extra meditation time. And sometimes if I'm not able go swimming during the week I'll do an extra-long session instead.

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