Saturday, August 14, 2010

Notes on a Humid Week

Sunday: 12 miles. Hot and humid again. I didn't get started until way late in the afternoon, so not enough to eat beforehand, and I felt like this run just beat me up. Very disappointing. Got home right before dinner and to a cranky kid/dad, no time for icing, showering, stretching, or any kind of recovery. And I'd mistakenly had a gel with caffeine in it on my run, so then I slept badly that night as well.

Note to self: Next time I get started so late, better to cut short my run, rather than my recovery.

Monday: Swam 0.75 mile (yoga). Exactly what I needed after Sunday's experience.

Tuesday: Biked to work today and back (2 x 7 mi.) It was great to finally get started on the bike again, but I mostly did it because work is hectic right now, and I could save myself some time by making my commute serve as my workout too.

Wednesday: Rest/work day.

Thursday: 6.5 miles, 3@9:05 (yoga).
Humid again! This has been a brutal summer. But it felt awesome to run such a strong workout. I actually had planned to run my tempo miles at 9:30, but my first 1/2-mile lap was 4:20. I kept pulling back and pulling back but just got into a rhythm and finally decided to see if I could finish out that way.

Friday: Swam 0.75 miles.

Saturday: Rest day (yoga).

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