Wednesday, August 11, 2010

First Day Back!

I rode my bike to work and back yesterday --- first time riding a bike for several years. Only a 7 mile trip each way but enough to get me excited about riding (and for my butt to be a bit sore today).

It will take me a while to learn the best way to travel from my home to the lakefront --- I really dislike riding on Chicago streets. So of course I will need to learn some routes I am comfortable with for longer rides as well. I also think the next step is to have a fit consultation, so I can find out what modifications I can make for better positioning --- or if actually the next best step is to get another bike next year when I start training in earnest. My ride yesterday definitely showed me that I want to be riding lots more!

Quick highlights:
  • Watching the fog roll in off the lake by biking into and through it
  • Going up inclines that previously had slowed me down --- with barely an extra breath needed
  • Seeing all the different people that use the lakefront (and there were some lovely bodies among them, yum)
  • Getting in two quick workouts during the time I would otherwise be on the train!

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