Monday, August 2, 2010

And the Wheels of the Bike Go Round and Round

On a happier note, for my birthday, my dearest, darling husband fixed up an old woman's mountain bike he had lying around, and I once again have a bike of my own!

It's a little short and I may end up having to get a new seat with a longer post, but I like the distance from seat to handle --- I have a way short torso and usually if the frame is tall enough for my legs it feels too long for my body.

My last bike, which was stolen, was a monster, heavy and big, and while I bought it to feel safe on the streets I found I didn't use it enough --- it was just too much bike for me. I wasn't too sad when it disappeared.

I so badly want to start riding already, but I need to be careful with my physical activity from here on out to the marathon (10 weeks away!). Especially since August is my crazy work month and it will take all my discipline to make sure I'm getting enough rest and recovery as it is. I need to make sure I've got enough oomph for my long runs and I'm loath to give up any existing running or swimming plans. Maybe on a rest week I'll trade a short run and bike into work instead. Otherwise I figure once the marathon is done I can start commuting by bike 1-2x a week, at least until the snow comes.

This bike is ugly as sin, but she's beautiful to me.

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