Monday, July 26, 2010

More Oops

Oh, I can't do math while running (and certainly not if my distance is off to begin with).

I meant to run 12 miles at a 11:30 pace. Instead, I ran the first 6.4 miles in an hour twelve for a 11:15 pace, then the next 6.5 miles in an hour six for a 10:10 pace. You'll notice that adds up to 12.9 miles, not 12.

It's the first run where I've felt, yes, I can do this marathon. Not just complete it but possibly run it with some sass (I'm not going so far as to say I'll "race" it). Which gets me thinking I may want to do more in the future... like maybe the Flying Pig next spring?

I won't lie, the second half was hard. I was just trying to beat the time on my first half, thinking it was only 6 miles. I'd adjusted my route once I started so I had no idea where my miles were and thus no idea how fast I was going. It hurt --- my feet of course, but also my butt and back --- but at no point did it feel like a dangerous or worrisome hurt, just the hurt of a hard effort. I just kept going, backing on and off at times but always going. My special "kiss a**" music mix kicked in for the last three miles and that helped a lot. I kept thinking, c'mon, the marathon will be harder than this, you'll be doing these 6 miles at the end of 20 in a couple of months, not after a measly six.

I thought I would pay for it this week but I feel surprisingly fine today. I can get away with this unplanned push because I still have 11 weeks to go, but going forward I need to be careful to stick to my plan. That means figuring out my loops beforehand, not just the mileage but also my intended time, and then stick to that.

I could use a Garmin!

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