Tuesday, June 1, 2010

More Food!

For the last few weeks I've been cooking and baking more --- I am so happy about this. I think it started when I increased my yoga. The more yoga I do, the more in tune with my body I am, and the more in tune I am, the healthier I want to eat. Which gets me wanting to make my food myself! (Or at least choose really good food if I'm going to spend money on it. Food that should be celebrated!) Here are a few meals I was especially happy about.

Veggie burrito from the Mexican place down the alley from us. I love that they put mushrooms in their veggie burritos!

Super easy Sunday dinner. Chicken sauteed in Seeds of Change Madras simmer sauce, with loads of frozen peas and cut bell peppers added in, on top of brown rice. And I could make this vegetarian by substituting chickpeas for the chicken. So tasty --- I love all of their simmer sauce flavors --- and so, so easy. Helpful when you've got a toddler underfoot.

And then the Treehugger sandwich from Beans and Bagels: hummus, spinach, tomato, red onion, cheese (I get provolone), cucumber, mushrooms (of course!), dijon mustard. I get mine on whole wheat bagels. My favorite sandwich for when I take a yoga/cleaning day.

I've already written about the cookies I've baked recently --- coming up, another batch of peanut butter cookies plus Tollhouse chocolate chip for a bake sale this weekend.

Then this past weekend I made potato salad and strawberry shortcake for a grilling get-together on Sunday. I'm a little frustrated with our camera right now so I didn't take any photos. Both the salad and the shortcake recipes came from Mark Bittman's "How to Cook Everything," the big yellow cookbook shown in the first photo. I was happy with the potato salad but if I were going to make strawberry shortcake again I would double the amount of strawberries, halve the biscuits (and just use white flour instead of my usual spelt/white mix), and make real whipped cream instead of getting a can. Oh well. Everyone else seemed to appreciate it, and I've been enjoying the leftover biscuits with Greek yogurt and berries, heated up. It's kind of like an impromptu cobbler, my favorite dessert to make. (I like pie best of all desserts but I like it best when someone else makes it!)

Oh, I almost forgot the garlic parsley hummus! I used to make this all the time but hadn't since Buddy was born. For months now I've been saying that I need to make hummus --- it's so easy to make, and so-o-o-o much cheaper than buying it. This weekend I finally made it again --- oh, yum.

Then I just had to take a photo of the gloriousness that is my tupperware cabinet. Nothing like a well-stocked pantry.

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