Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Holy Running Season, Wonder Woman! What a Weekend! (Part 3)

So the last part of this event-packed weekend was the Run for the Zoo 10K, on Sunday morning. Truly, I don't think it could have gone better.

It was a beautiful day --- sunny but not too hot, breezy, some cloud cover.

It was a neat course --- through the zoo, along the bike path to Belmont harbor, and then along the lakefront. Great views. Very twisty with some up-and-downs which made it interesting, and very well-directed by volunteers.

Best race shirt ever! It's become my favorite one to run in. It even matches our running stroller!

It was the first time running a race with Buddy and he loved it. He kept busy watching everyone and got very excited when he saw the boats at Belmont Harbor. Two-thirds of the way in he started twisting around to look at me, beaming. It made me so happy that he was enjoying himself. Once we finished I let him out of the stroller while we stretched, and he wandered around, happy to be free of the stroller, happy to explore, banana in one hand, bagel in the other.

(They had whole wheat bagels! What a race!)

The other great thrill for me was that I got to be a pacer for my friend R, who is just taking up road racing and who is also training for the Chicago Marathon this fall. It's so cool to be in a position where I can usefully offer my racing experience (instead of just boring people with it). I was proud of myself for being in the physical condition where I could act as a pacer, and so proud of R for taking this new challenge on. And it was just fun. She ended up besting her goal pace by 30 seconds per mile --- so cool to have had a part in that.

This race is definitely in the "to do again" category, probably as a family affair. They have a kids' race which Buddy is probably still too small for now, but next year, watch out! If nothing else he'll get a cool t-shirt from it.

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