Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Oh, I am so happy, I am finally running again. Carefully. My ankle has not stopped hurting entirely, but it seems to have more to do with how supportive the shoe I'm wearing is, and not what I'm doing with it. Certainly not running wasn't helping in any way, and neither was the recommended treatment. So I will try treating it the way I've dealt with all my tendon problems since pregnancy - with careful activity, rather than curtailed activity. And ice and ibuprofen when it's really painful.

What does careful running look like for me?
  • Wearing my "SuperFeet" insoles in all my shoes;
  • Finally getting good walking shoes with adequate support for work and play;
  • Keeping my stride short, and using a quicker turnover for increased speed, rather than a longer stride;
  • Using the treadmill for speedwork and tempo runs until my ankle (and the sidewalks) improve substantially;
  • Focus on consistency in training and endurance rather than speed this year, and allow more time to slowly build up my distance.
Happy Running to us all!


  1. I just found your blog...I scanned back a bit but couldn't find it..what happened to your ankle? i have had so many foot probelms...I can relate so much to your 'careful running' thoughts!! I hope you're ok. Your running goals look just right. Take it carefully for a while and then have fun.

  2. Thanks! I feel I know you from reading Mary Ironmatron's blog, so I appreciate the comment. I hurt the tendon that wraps from the bottom of the foot around the inside ankle to the calf. Too much hard running on dead shoes last fall! But it feels like it's sloooowly getting better.