Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Race Report

So, even though we signed up and paid the fee and all, I have decided not to try to do the ORRRC Turkey Trot this year on our Thanksgiving trip to Ohio. It's just too much with both of us being or recovering from being sick, and then not at home to boot. Getting into town just the night before, having to get up early, figuring out who's taking care of Buddy while at the same time dinner preparations (and early imbibing) are going on... you get the picture. If I could drive myself to the race site I would still do it, because then it would just be me away for a while out of a whole household of adults, and The Dude could take care of Buddy, even while still under the weather. But I can't drive his stick shift. I've been looking forward to this for a couple of months - I so enjoyed running it with The Dude on our first Thanksgiving together - but it's not worth the physical or emotional effort this year.

So this Thanksgiving I will pack up Buddy in the back carrier and go for a hike with The Dude on the trails by Nana's house. And then come back and eat too much pie and watch football and try to keep Buddy from breaking anything valuable.

May you all have safe travels and happy homes this Thanksgiving.

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