Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Quick Update

Oh my, it's been over a week and I've barely been online in all that time. Buddy's birthday and work have kept me busy, and then he got sick (better now). His one-year shots have been postponed twice now, once due to a scheduling error, once because he was sick, and now won't happen for another three weeks. Guess I'm just behind in everything.

Including the update on the Buster Brown Celebration Fun Run! Which was fun! We all headed out after lunch and B's nap for a smart jog to and through our favorite park, which runs along the Chicago River (Buddy likes it when we go fast.) At the end of the park, about three miles, we stopped for a break on the kiddie swings, then turned around and headed back. The weather was beautiful, there were lots of dogs and other babies to wave to, and we all enjoyed ourselves. This was the first time we'd all gone running as a family and we plan to do it again. We may even get the real running stroller fixed. (It's on loan from a friend and needs a tune-up which we haven't gotten to yet --- especially since we can't figure out how to collapse it so it will fit in the car --- in the meantime we've been using his all-terrain stroller which is heavy).

No t-shirts this year: I couldn't get organized enough to make them (and wasn't sure until the last minute that we'd actually be doing it). Next year, though! Design submissions most welcome.

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