Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Buddy's Got A Brand New... Daycare

Buddy will be changing daycare at the end of August (big sigh of relief).

The long-term impact...
  • Possibly better learning opportunities since it's a larger center and located in a child-friendly and resource-rich part of town.
  • We will be able to meet other families in our neighborhood, have playdates, etc.
  • It may be a resource in navigating the local schools when the time comes (a very big deal in Chicago).
  • They have Spanish in the classrooms, fish in the hallway, and a rabbit in the toddler room. 'Nuff said.
The short-term impact...
  • I no longer have to go downtown to bring him to daycare (his current setting is at my workplace). This frees me up tremendously, even though my daily commute will be longer, since my work schedule varies considerably each month and it's been a drag coordinating daycare and work on those weeks I don't work Monday through Friday.
  • I no longer have to make the commute with him. No more fending off busy little hands that want to grab other people's striped pants, newspaper, or iPhone. Not to mention my glasses. And I can read on the train again!
  • It's $400 less a month. 'Nuff said.
Oh happy day.


  1. I'm assuming you wanted to get in this daycare but couldn't and got on the waiting list until a slot opened. I'm glad things have worked out, and $400 more to work with each month is, even without the rabbits and fish, worth the first few days of new provider-induced separation anxiety.

  2. Yes, exactly. We had started looking for a new one once we found out about the tuition increases at the current one - but then when we found this one it seemed like a better fit for all the reasons I wrote. Right now there's some strife going on at the current one as well, so I am happier and happier about this change.