Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Races & Times

So, I haven’t run that many races, despite how much I love them, since my running has been sporadic over the last 13 years (a topic for another post). And since I suck at keeping scrapbooks and the like, before today I didn’t have records from any race I’ve done prior to this year.

Where does a gal turn in this predicament? Why, the Internet of course! All praise the Internet, because I was able to find all my races, even the ones under my maiden name, at

And here they are, in reverse chronological order (all paces are minutes/mile):

Wrigley Start Early (10K)
Chicago, IL: April 10, 2010
1:01:21 --- 9:54 pace

Hot Chocolate (15K)
Chicago, IL: November 1, 2009
1:39:26 --- 10:41 pace

Wrigley Start Early (5K)Chicago, IL: April 18, 2009
37:36 --- 12:06 pace

Wrigley Start Early(10K)Chicago, IL: April 21, 2007
1:19:07 --- 12:43 pace

Shamrock Shuffle (8K)Chicago, IL: March 25, 2007
1:02:23 --- 12:32 pace

Ohio River Road Runners Club Turkey Trot (5 miles)
Miamisburg, OH: November 24, 2005
1:02:34 --- 12:30 pace

Chicago Distance Classic (20K)Chicago, IL: July 8, 2001
2:58:51 --- 14:23 pace

What strikes me about my race times (as of June 2009) is that my basic pace is pretty consistent, varying in a predictable way with the length of each race (a useful tool for gauging this is the race calculator at Runner’s World online). This means I have been UNSUCCESSFUL over time in running faster as well as longer. But in between each race year I have had a period of time where I wasn’t running at all (usually a break precipitated by injury and then extended due to upheaval in life events) – so each time I’ve had to start again, at what appears to be my basic pace.

Well all that is about to change, baby, because I have been running faster and better this year, thanks to my new training methods. As in, actually following a plan. As in, doing speedwork. As in, taking rest days seriously. As in, cross-training with yoga. As in, actually listening to my body and taking the long view. As in, running WISELY!

I love that running involves my mind as well as my body and heart.

And I look forward to posting new race results with better times, though that won’t be for a while, given the current fiscal situation. The next official race won’t be until November – I paid for that one early with my tax refund – I am so glad I did!

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